What could possibly go wrong?

Welcome to the lowest common denominator possible wormhole corp!

Who are we?!?!?

WR0NG is a small, we have no clue any more alliance (because you need an alliance for a cool alliance logo) consisting of a single(ish) corp, the Wormhole Sterilization Crew.


What we're looking for:

- Heartbeat!

- Discord!

- Mic!

- New bros!

- Laid back bitter vets!

- PVPers or Explorers!

- US and / or EU TZ!


We need fresh sac-I mean blood, yes fresh blood.

We've recently moved(again) with the help of some friends and we're opening recruitment!



No spies! We got a guy who is off his meds and he WILL. CHECK. EVERYTHING. You'll have to submit to the standard ESI background check. Its pretty typical.

Fuck it, if you are a spy apply anyways, we need the numbers.

Come Join Us!

You can shit talk us on our discord!

Need more convincing? yeah fine, here is what we offer.

- Free frigates to whelp!

- The worst FCs you've never heard of!

- Terrible advice from over-confident low SP players and bitter vets!


You need more? FINE!

- Merch! Buy that merch!

- Wormholers BTW!

- P.I. I guess?

- Exploration!

- A killboard that resembles a christmas tree!

- No fucks!

- A few Brits and a French dude!

- Canadians!

- Americans!

- No lizard people!

- Grr Goons!

- Grr PL!

- Grr NCdot!

- TEST is ok I guess!

- Pathfinder!

- C2 with a C3/HS static!

- Voted "Most Likely to be Evicted" in 2018!

Oh fuck, I don't know!

El-Bee Leblanc Recruiter and 8th best FC